Unlimited by SAAB HERITAGE

We offer a service called "Unlimited by SAAB HERITAGE"

This service is dedicated to the complete overhaul, restoration, preparation and upgrades (equipments, accessories, road handling, performances etc.) of saab's produced between 1984 and 2012.

So rather than waiting for you to find the saab of your dreams, we suggest you find it for yourself and make it according to your expectations and to your budget. The vehicle is then guaranteed 1 year. In the case we deliver a per-ordered vehicle we only select vehicles duly assessed by us (history verified, verified mileage, verification of all the vehicle before purchase of it, it must be really already a rare pearl). The final price of the vehicle varies according to the desired equipment and the basic purchase price of the vehicle in question.

Entrust us for the research and the revision / complete preparation of your next saab you will not be able to be disappointed. Our goal is 100% turned towards the complete and total satisfaction of the customer. The vehicle must be immaculate at all levels, exclusive and highly customizable.


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